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5 Qualities to Look For in a Home Health Agency

home health agency

Taking the steps to seek out a home health agency for you or a loved one is a critical but highly positive stride. The need for assistance at home is so significant but unfortunately often overlooked. At El Paso Community Home Health Inc, we recognize the important role home health agencies play within the elderly community. We place a strong emphasis on sharing our knowledge so that all parties involved can make the right decision. Whether it’s you—the patient— or a spouse looking for reliable in-home care, our team can help guide you in the right direction.

If you are currently in need of a trustworthy home health agency, be sure to look for these five critical qualities:

1- Supports Your Special Requirements

The training, education, and practice of professional home health provides be it nurses, occupational therapists or home health aides is intended to prepare these individuals to provide specialized care. Each member of a home health agency plays a significant role in a patient’s specific needs. For example, a nurse is trained to administer medicine and recognize changes in health while a home health aide provides daily living assistance such as preparing meals and some light house cleaning. A good home health agency will assist patients to find a provider who can help meet their distinctive needs.

2- Experience

Experience is a quality that demonstrates knowledge, understanding, patience, and perseverance. The more experience a home health agency has, the better equipped they will be to handle emergencies, patient needs, and any changes that cause for quick adaptation. El Paso Community Home Health Inc has a total of twelve years of experience. Since its beginning, our agency has always placed patient’s needs as its number one priority. Serving the elderly is why we began in the first place and it’s why we continue to serve today.

3- Demonstrates Commitment Day in and Day Out

When a home health provider arrives at their patient’s home, they should be prepared and energized to work. There are no “lazy days” in this industry because the duties and responsibilities simply cannot afford it. A committed provider recognizes the need to be attentive at all times, even when the patient is resting. Passion to serve patients is displayed day in and day out from a truly devoted home health agency’s members.

4- Adapts to Your Changing Needs

A good home health care provider will quickly adapt to a patient’s needs. Most importantly, the provider will recognize signs of negative behavior right away and take action. A healthy, happy, and safe patient is what every provider should strive for. When a provider fails to identify issues or is simply negligent, the consequences can be serious. Whether the person providing service is a physical therapist, home health aide, or a nurse — the care these specialists provide is intended to keep them as healthy as possible and work toward improving their respective condition.

5- High Measures from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides regular surveys to measure the quality of home health services based on factors related to both patient care and level of performance. These measures can also be used for patients and loved ones to determine if the home health care is a good choice. CMS takes a look at several criteria including:

  • How often the home health team begins services on time.
  • How often the home health team checked patients for depression.
  • Patients’ reporting that their home health team provided care in a professional way.
  • Patients’ reporting of how well their home health team communicated with them.

While those are just a few examples of how the CMS examines a home health agency, you can always use www.healthcare4ppl.com to further examine a specific agency’s percentile.

Contact El Paso Community Home Health Inc. For Reliable Care

As a home health agency, El Paso Community Home Health Inc has provided the Sun City’s elderly with trustworthy care since 2006. Our mission is to serve this population with the best care possible. You can rely on our team to be there for you or your loved ones when it matters most. Please connect with us today for more information about our services.

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