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The Importance of Patient Choice in Home Care

The Importance of Patient...

Following a discharge from the hospital, many seniors are faced with the need for quality home health services. Whether it be nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy or assistance from a speech pathologist, home health care is intended to provide patients with a path to independence. Unfortunately, many times families and their loved ones don’t realize […]

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Why Physical Therapy is Necessary Following an Accident or Major Surgery

Why Physical Therapy is...

Regaining strength following an accident or surgical procedure takes time. Your body needs time to rest and adjust to internal changes. Your doctor or physician will recommend the best practices for at home recovery. One recommendation will likely be the aid of in home physical therapy (PTA). That’s where El Paso Community Home Health comes […]

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Get the Help You Need Today

Get the Help You...

Mom and Dad, whomever you may call “Mom” or “Dad”, have taken care of you all our lives. This is a fact of life many people know throughout their lives. But what happens when the time comes to take care of Mom or Dad? Do you have a plan for the time needed to take […]

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5 Qualities to Look For in a Home Health Agency

5 Qualities to Look...

Taking the steps to seek out a home health agency for you or a loved one is a critical but highly positive stride. The need for assistance at home is so significant but unfortunately often overlooked. At El Paso Community Home Health Inc, we recognize the important role home health agencies play within the elderly […]

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What Are the Differences Between Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy?

What Are the Differences...

Quite often occupational therapy and physical therapy are used interchangeably when indeed these practices represent different but also similar roles in the home health industry. While they are not synonymous, there can be overlap in the type of services the respective providers administer. As a home health agency who provides both in home occupational therapy […]

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