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Why Physical Therapy is Necessary Following an Accident or Major Surgery

 IHome Physical Therapy (PTA)

Regaining strength following an accident or surgical procedure takes time. Your body needs time to rest and adjust to internal changes. Your doctor or physician will recommend the best practices for at home recovery. One recommendation will likely be the aid of in home physical therapy (PTA). That’s where El Paso Community Home Health comes into play. Our physical therapists will assist you with vital exercises that will improve your recovery and increase your independence.

Unfortunately, the importance of in home physical therapy (PTA) is far too often overlooked. Skipping out on a rehabilitation program not only leaves room for a future accident but your personal health will not be improved to its full potential. No matter your accident, physical therapy will help you safely recover in the comfort of your home.

Here are two key reasons in home physical therapy is vital:

Physical Therapy Speeds Recovery

For many individuals, following the discharge from the hospital begins one of the most difficult periods. Returning home comes with numerous complications. For one, you’re ready to get back to your everyday routine but your body is not prepared. Depending on the type of surgery you’ve had, your body might not be prepared to perform daily tasks for a couple of weeks or months. In home physical therapy is designed to target the areas that require assistance. A therapist will first assess your needs, level of discomfort, as well as your surroundings, to ensure your home environment is safe. During treatment, you’ll perform several exercises that are designed to improve your ability to function while reducing pain. The exercises you perform day in and day out will ultimately help speed up your recovery.

It Promotes Independence

The key goals of in home physical therapy are to strengthen your muscles, reduce pain, assist you to perform daily activities, and promote independence. If you leave the hospital requiring crutches or any form of medical equipment, physical therapists will do their best effort to assist you in becoming independent of those devices. The important thing to remember is that recovery doesn’t happen overnight. Your therapist will design a course of treatment that targets your goals for being self-reliant in the safest way possible. Since physical therapists are concerned with your personal goals, whether it be an ambition to go for evening walks or work on your garden again, working towards them will be at the forefront of treatment.

For Reliable In Home Care, Contact El Paso Community Home Health

At El Paso Community Home Health, as a patient, your health and vitality are what most concern us. Our professional team of physical therapists specializes in treating your body with the latest techniques in physical therapy. Our entire team will help see you through recovery! Please contact us today for more information.

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